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Global Organization

Global Organization

Whether you are an individual or an organization you know that the first steps towards making any dream come real are always the hardest.

Guess who is here to help you get what you desire, to make your goals & dreams real and to become the next leader?! THE WORLD'S MOST RENOWNED SPEAKERS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN QATAR.

GO3: Jan16th, 17th 2016 Speakers

Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Al Thani is the founder of 'The 5 GL' Theory. His theory explains the 5 Golden Leadership Rules as a main topic for his new book.Sheikh Abdulaziz holds a number of powerful positions in different government and private organizations in Qatar. He dedicates his time and effort in improving performance and implementing leadership techniques to server our national vision.

Ron is a person who has been reffered to as 'A Man on a Mission' to uplift the quality and spirit of service everywhere in the world.

Tony is a brain expert and inventor of Mind Mapping, the most powerful "thinking tool" of our times. Using Mind Maps and other revolutionary methods, will dramatically improve individuals memory, IQ, creativity and study skills-every aspect of their brain power.

Marshall GoldsmithBestselling Aurthor
"Ron Kaufman has unlocked the mystrery of service. Get ready for a magnificent journey into the new world."