Sheikh Dr. Abdul ziz Al-Althani

Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Althani, outcomes-driven, passionate, effectual leader with proven ability to drive company growth. He brings an innovative management style that drives collaboration and focuses on achieving results. Sheikh Dr. Abdul ziz Al-Althani is a champion of leadership development and succession planning. He is adept at brand development and brand expansion. Has a long experience in training for many local national, Arab and international companies in different managerial and soft skills topics.

Sheikh Dr. Abdul ziz Al-Althani is the owner and the creator of 5GL Theory.

The 5GL theory is built upon 5 pillars, which are Dream, Vision, Initiatives, Values, Insistence with a huge confirmation that achievements cannot be reached without leadership. “Leadership starts anywhere, whether it is your work or your home, but how can you achieve success expecting different styles if you do the same thing every day?” explains Sheikh Abdulrahman.



Academic Background

Undergraduate studies:

  • BSc Nuclear Engineering, University of Colorado, USA
  • BSc Nuclear Engineering, King Abdel Aziz, KSA Postgraduate Studies
  • PhD in Leadership Management, American University
  • PhD in Leadership Management, Lahaye university

Career History

•Awarded with over 33 different management roles both locally and overseas.

Training Courses

Attended and completed over 1200 training courses in different fields (Leadership, Engineering, education).

Training Workshops

Participated in more than 300 different workshops both locally and overseas.

Images of Sheikh Abul Aziz